2020 Rd 11 Raiders vs Rabbitohs, Canberra



With  Oldfield out for a few weeks (hamstring) and Curtis Scott out injured  (Rd 12), Rapana starts at Centre and Semi Valemei has his first start on  a Wing. Valemei was ordinary last week with 5 Points from 40 minutes on  a Wing. Harley Smith-Shields takes the bench back role. 

The Forward pack is as per last week with the exception of John Bateman appearing in the extended reserves.

Starling looks like 50-55 minutes at 0.70 PPM for an expected average of  35-39 Pts at this stage. He's a solid buy with minutes upside.

Kai  O'Donnell is getting the opening 20-25 minutes and then leving the game  for Joe Tapine and Havili to play out the remaining Lock Minutes.

We  will have to re-assess after Bateman returns. He may come back into the  team as a Lock Forward with Whitehead and Tapine on the edges. Or he  may come back as an Edge with Young returning to the bench. 

We have Dunamis Lui down for 50 minutes at 0.88 PPM and an expected  average of 44 Pts. This would have him at about $100K potential value  increase.

Fantasy  Buys - Starling; Fantasy Sells - George Williams BE 49, priced at 53.2,  Tapine BE 53, Priced at 47.55; Keeper Targets Josh Papalii


Bailey  Sironen replaces Lowe on an edge. Lowe is likely out for the season  with a spinal disc injury. James Roberts is also out for the regular  season with a Pec injury. Campbell Graham returns early in the Centres.  Gagai remains at Centre for this week with Jaxson Paulo and Corey Allan  on the Wings. There is one Wing spot open for the rest of the regular  season when Latrell Mitchell returns next week. Paulo has fantasy  potential, Allan is fantasy mud. It's possible Mitchell could slot back  into Centre when he returns next week. 

It's hard to project Sironen given he has little recent senior level  history on an edge. We're starting him at 60 minutes and 0.6 PPM for 36  Pts. He has $167K value in him at that mark. 

Jack Johns comes on to the bench in Bayley Sironens former bench role.

Fantasy Buys - Bayley Sironen, Jaxson Paulo (Gamble); Fantasy Sells -  Latrell Mitchell, Jaydn Su'A BE 50 Priced At 40.5; Adam Reynolds BE 57  Price At 57.9 (upgradable, some soft games ahead as well though); Keeper  Targets - Cook, Murray, Campbell Graham (Possible).