2020 Rd 10 Panthers vs Cowboys, Penrith



We  could be vanilla here and just chant with the crowd that Koroisau and  Yeo are Keeper Guns - but that would be boring. We can actually see  cracks in that case with both players, The ultra soft draw the Panthers  have from here forward does not help them. Their defensive demands are  likely to diminish, and they are likely to see a lot more time resting  on the bench. 

Here are our projections for both players from now till Rd 20:

Koroisau: 72 Minutes; 0.76 PPM; 54.72 Points
Yeo: 68 Minutes; 0.77 PPM; 52.36

As of now - that would make Koroisau over priced by $69K with a 70ish  Break Even; and Yeo over priced by $72K with a 77ish Break Even. 

Easy to make a case for both as keepers - we think consideration should  be given to getting out on a high and having a cheap upgrade to an Elite  or even a bit of cash back on a Ben Hunt or Nathan Brown, which can be  used to help gun up another player. Your team, Your call, just our  read. 

The only change from last week is Whare back from a toe injury at  Centre, pushing Naden to the Wing. 4 Try Debut Hero, Charlie Staines, is  out due to Covid-19 breaches.


The  Cowboys have both McLean and Asiata named on their extended bench - so  either could come in this week and both would seem likely by next week.  Hola, Drinkwater and Holmes are all out with injuries with the least  being 4+ weeks by the looks of things. 

Fidow gets to keep rolling at Fullback - not that he is rolling much at present. O'Neill stays on the Wing to accommodate Lemuelu  at Centre. Mitchell Dunn starts at 5/8. Last we heard, Morgan should be  closing in on a return. Dunn's starts in the Halves in Reserve Grade  have been pretty muddy fantasy points wise. An average of 27.50 Pts from  4, 80 minute games. He had 1 Try in there as well and averaged just 60m  kicking.

Daejarn  Asi has been named on the bench. He is meant to be a development player  this year. He played in Hastings Deering Colts (U20's) for Townsville  Blackhawks in 2019. He also has just 3 appearances for the Blackhawks in  QLD Cup. He attended League Power House, Keebra Park State High School  and then Union Power House Brisbane Grammar. He was a member of the QLD  Emerging U20's Origin Squad in January. He can play Fullback, Centre and  Five Eight and is also supposed to have a solid kicking game. He could  actually be a threat to Hamiso-Fidow. 

It seems strange Cowboys having both Hampton and Asi on the bench. Seems  very likely that at least one of McLean or Asiata is expected to return  this week. 

No real fantasy opportunities here. Robson may have $100K value in him  as a keeper, McGuire and Lolo are keeper targets. Other than that, this  is really a team to avoid at present.