2020 Rd 11 Eels vs Tigers



What's  going on with Reagan Campbell Gillard? Over the first 6 Rounds he  averaged 47.5 minutes for 37.8 Points at 0.80 PPM. From Rd 7 to 11, he's  averaged 69.2 Minutes for 68.6 Points with a Try. 

Rd 7: 78 Minutes for 84 Points.
Bench - Stone, Kaufusi, Alvaro, Takairangi.
90 Minute Golden Point Game. Moses left the game after 34 minutes. Waqa  Blake had a HIA. Daniel Alvaro for some reason only played 7-8 minutes.  There was plenty contributing to the extra minutes of both RCG and Paulo  (68) in this game. They were also without Nathan Brown.

Rd 8: 57 Minutes for 50 Points.
Bench - Stone, Kaufusi, Gower, Takairangi.
This was more typical of one of RCG's better games. No Nathan Brown,  Niukore played 46 at Lock. Michael Jennings off for the last 16 minutes  was the only issue.

Rd 9: 64 minutes for 60 Points.
Bench - Niukore, Gower, Takairangi, Utoikamanu.
Junior Paulo left the game with back spasms after 29 minutes. Having  lost Stone and Kaufusi they came in with a debutant in Utoikamanu.  Nathan Brown played 80 minutes with RCG 64 minutes.

Rd 10: 80 Minutes for 70 Points.

Bench - Niukore, Gower, Davey, Utoikamanu.

Matterson Out (Thumb).
Nathan Brown suffered a Cork after 36 minutes. Paulo played 61 minutes.

Rd  11: 67 Minutes for 79 points with a Try worth 23 Points (Try (8), LB  (4), TB's (6) 50m (5). Take that play out and it's 56 Points. 
Bench - Niukore, Takaraingi, Davey, Utoikamanu. 
Matterson left the game after 15 Minutes. Nathan Brown played 60 minutes  on a short turn around from a corked thigh/hip the week before. Paulo  played 68 minutes.

There's a lot going on here - But the first thing to do, if enticed by  RCG, is weigh up his value. He started the round priced at $682K (53  Pts) with a BE of 30, by our reckoning. We have him going up to $735K  (57 Pts) after this Round. 

So the question is - If you buy him next week, are you getting a 57 Point player?

Eels have been particularly thin for Middle Forwards during the last 4-5  weeks and relying heavily on RCG and Paulo, as well as Brown in Rd 9,  to cover a spate of in game injuries. Arthurs was happy to give Stone  and Kaufusi 30-40 minutes. Since losing them though, in Rd 9 Gower and  Utoikamanu combined for just 20 minutes; Rd 10, 21 minutes; and Rd 11,  Utoikamanu played just 13 minutes. 

Brown is capable of playing bigger middle minutes when needed as he did  in Rd 9. Kaufusi is due back in Rd 13-14, Stone in Rd 14-15. Kane Evans  (Calf), we have little info on, but he has been out a while already.  Daniel Alvaro could also be recalled at any point. It's hard to see the  last 5 weeks as the new norm for RCG with all circumstances weighed up. 

Dylan Brown scored 52 and kicked for 67m with Moses taking back over as  expected. We have him priced at $784K (61 Pts) with a BE of 53 next week  against Bulldogs. If you own him, he's absolutely ripe to upgrade to an  Elite Player - or ride him next week against the Bulldogs and trade him  to Mitch Moses. We have Moses dropping $55K this week with a BE of 82  next round. 

Junior Paulo started the season well over the first 3 weeks. Since then  his PPM reverted back to its old variable levels. He pumped out 68  minutes for 46 points. We've dropped Paulo out of out Final Team FRF  contenders.

Gutherson  was overdue a 30ish point game. We have him as overpriced and more  likely to average 45ish over the back half of the season. He'll drop  around $14K this week to $718K (55.9 Pts). The problem is, there are no  standout WFB 3 Candidates now that the well priced Dylan Edwards is  having hamstring issues. Nofoaluma will likely  average more around 40  than 50 in his much tougher 2nd half of the season. He scored 40 with a  Try in this one. RTS is just not trustworthy this season. Then there's  Papenhuyzen and Edwards along with Lomax. Turbo is expected back in the  next few weeks but can you trust his hamstring? If you have Gutherson  along with Ponga and Teddy then it's probably best to hold. If you  happened to have just one of those with Papenhuyzen/Lomax, Gutherson  would be a cheap upgrade to Ponga/Tedesco. If considering Gutherson as  your WFB3, let him drop a little. We have his BE next week at 69 and if  he were to score 50, that would climb to 72 the week after.

Nathan  Brown did well to get on the field and play 60 minutes this week. With a  cork and short turn around, we thought he would be out for sure. 43  Points is a disappointing week for his owners. Tigers 46% possession  didn't bode well for him defensively and he was unable to make it up in  Attacking Stats this week. His PPM is more variable than say a Jake  Trobojevic who is within 0.1 of his Average 0.7 PPM in 80% of his games.  There will be better weeks ahead.

Ryan Matterson, by our calculations, will drop around $64K this week and  have a BE of around 104 Points in his next game. He is starting to have  some real concussion history though.


Not  as much to discuss with the Tigers. Harry Grant, Mr Reliable - 80  Minutes this week for 70 Points. The loss of Doueihi (41 minutes) and  Chee-Kam (1 minute), kept Brooks and Walters out of dummy half. They  also saw Luciano Leilua spend a good deal of time at Centre. After  starting with a 18 Point Try burst, Leilua finished with 54 Points. 

Russel Packer played 47 minutes for 42 points but will have a weeks  holiday for a crusher tackle. Twal is sure to be back by Rd 13. Josh  Aloiai also got a boost in minutes playing 69 but only converting it to  47 Points. 

Sam McIntyre had an opportunity, with Garner out for a week, to really  get his price and break even moving. He did have a HIA, but 31 Points  did not get the job done. He's looking close to a dreggs minutes bench  spot once Twal is back and Eisenhuth moves to Prop.

Tommy  Talau rewarded his owners with a 19 Point Try inside 2 minutes  remaining, lifting his score from 24 to 43. We see him appearing as a  starting Centre in a lot of teams. He really should be in EMG's as a  looping option. This score will kick him on a little making cash though.  He has Warriors and Bulldogs in his next 3 games, so hopefully he can  kick on some more.