Fantasy Game Log

Retrospective Updating and Scoring

Our stats are always retrospectively updated and recalculated for new Scoring Stat introductions such as Turnovers in 2021, and scoring changes such as Tackle Break Pt reductions in 2022, wherever possible.

Current exceptions to this are:

NRL Game Logs - Escape In Goal and Turnover Tackles (Intercepts and 1on1 Steals have been retrospectively updated, Turnover Tackles were not a recorded statistic prior to 2021)

NSW Cup / QLD Cup - Try Saves, Escape In Goal and Turnover Tackles prior to 2022.

We are the only online source of Past Fantasy Stats to do this, as well as the only online source of NSW/QLD Cup Fantasy Stats.


Player Information

Our overriding aim throughout our platform, is to deliver the information we know we would want as Fantasy Coaches - in an easy and logical manner.

So when making inquiries into a player, there are some basic Fantasy related facts, that we are always likely to want on hand. For that reason we have made certain information readily available in our Game Log and Analytics Pages. 

If you click the Person Icon underneath "Choose a player" - You will access a Pop-Up containing much of this information....


Avg = The players current season Fantasy Pt's Average in all positions

ABE = Approximate Break Even - Break Even is the Points a player needs to score, in order to not change in value. Our Break Evens are not the official game Break Evens - they are Better! Break evens are approximate, as the value depends on the scoring of all players in the round, and hence can not be exactly known beforehand, to an extent... If a player has an official Break Even of 35, actually scores 39 and yet drops in value by $1K, then their actual Break Even ended up being 40, and the Official Break Even ended up being 5 Points in Error. If we happened to have an ABE for this player of 39 then we would have only been 1 Pt off the mark... We live to do the Predictive Math better, and to deliver ABE values consistently closer to the mark than any other sources.

Rev Proj = Revised Projection, our latest projection for the forward moving average fantasy points this player will deliver.

Proj Cost = The value this player will move towards if consistently hitting this projection.

If these are blank, we are currently not projecting a player either due to their being inactive OR not in a role which we see as significant. This will often apply to utility backs on team interchange benches. Their role is not significant enough to have likely Fantasy Relevance whilst also being impossible to project, as it depends on in game injuries eventuating.

Value = The Positive (Green) or Negative (Red) difference between current Price and Proj Cost i.e. If a player Costs $300K and has a Proj Cost of $450K, then they offer $150K Potential Value.

O-1000 = Ownership % in top 1000 teams
O-100 = Ownership % in top 100 teams

Moving on to our actual Game Log Fantasy Statistics

We have a range of filters that you can use to drill down, on the particular games you may wish to look at...


Position Allocation

The largest difference between our Stats and other Stats Sources is our Intelligent Position Assignments. It is not uncommon for players to be listed in one position on a team sheet and yet take the field and play a different position. This can often arise from late team changes where player names were simply swapped instead of multiple players positions being reassigned. We step in and make these adjustments, allocating the player, the position they actually played in. The other occasion we step in and make such an adjustment is with 1st half player injuries. In the event that a Center is injured 23 minutes into a game, resulting in an edge forward playing out the game in that center position, we count the game by this player, as being a Center game, not a Backrow game. It is not uncommon for numerous such changes to occur in a game. In the end, the position we allocate the player is the most reflective of the position they played. In doing so we are providing a truer picture of players performances in various positions.

Caveat Emptor (Black Widow Factor)

If a player is known to be their coaches go-to for backline injuries, resulting in them often being sent to the wasteland of the Centers e.g. The Black Widow aka Mitch Aubussson - this is something you need to take into consideration - that said we will try to red flag this for you along the way.


Expandable Statistics Sections

To aid our stats being easy to read both on Desktop Devices and Hand Held Devices - Many of our Stats are presented in Expandable Sections.

Simply by clicking the Section Check Box, these Sections expand with more detailed Stats.

Over the years NRL Fantasy Culture has developed a concept of Base and Attacking Points. In Recent years we have removed Kicking Stats from Base to their own category, as more Kicking Based Scoring has arisen. Whilst Attacking Stats are mostly In Possession Stats ,such as Tackle Breaks, Offloads etc there are also some Non-Possession Stats, that still live in this Attacking Stats (Non-Base Stats) mentality, e.g. Try Saves, Turnovers...

The driving force behind this stats segregation has always been - what is the players Base? - i.e. What are the points you can rely on week to week?

Within both Base and Kicking sections you will find far more detailed stats beyond the scope of Fantasy Scoring e.g. breakdowns of types of runs and running meters, for instance dummy-half runs and dummy-half meters.


Unique Summary Stats

Over the years we have developed some unique summary stats in our own approach to Fantasy. This started with our wanting to more easily separate Goal Kicking Points, particularly with forwards not regularly having the duties. Down the line we wanted a way to more easily cut through Try Noise in forwards stats. And with the rise of the 6 Again Era we became more interested in possession impact on players.

PPM = Points Per Minute, a concept that has been around the NRL Fantasy and Supercoach Communities for many years (yet you still wont find it in the official game platform).

NGK = Rd Pt's - Goal Kicking Pt's
(PPM) = PPM Excluding Goal Kicking Pt's

ATV = Approximate Try Value - the points arising from Try Scoring. Whilst the Try itself counts for 8 Fantasy Points the try movement also comes with things such as a Linebreak, Tackle Breaks, Meters Gained. These figures up to and including 2021 have been based on analysis arriving at a combination of positional and player averages - we had painstakingly counted them in 2021 but did not foresee the NRL changing TB Values and had to revert to the approximation method. For 2022 and onward these values will be based on the actual try movement and Pt's awarded. 

{PPM} = Players PPM Excluding Goal Kicking Pt's and Approximate Try Pt's

ATK = Players Points In Possession
DEF = Players Points Defending

{ATK} = Players PPM In Possession
{DEF} = Players PPM Defending

These last 2 are calculated assuming that the game possession split is reflective of the possession split whilst the player was on the field.

In the context of a single game this is problematic, but when considered across a larger sample of games, yields a relatively true picture of the impact of lopsided possession on different players.


Column Averages

Finally, Our Column Averages show stats such as Tackle Breaks or Meters Gained as well as Fantasy Pt's - The Top Row shows Stat Averages whilst the bottom row figures in parentheses show Fantasy Pt's.